Kyoto - jamri

Chrysanthemums at the Kyoto Botanical Gardens

The Kyoto Botanical Gardens have something to see year round, but late November is a very special time indeed. There are various types of Chrysanthemums on display around the gardens, plus many of the deciduous trees are at their best autumn colour.
There were a number of spots to photograph the various kinds of Chrysanthemums on display. In the end this photo was my favourite Chrysanthemum photo of that day, because of the the various colours of the flowers and the background showing some of the conservatory.
What made it an even better day at the gardens, was that it was a special autumn festival free entry day. Normally the entry fee is pretty low anyway only 200yen for adults, plus an additional 200yen if you want to go into the conservatory. This time was my third visit to the gardens, but there's still a lot area there that I haven't covered yet, it's a pretty huge place.
Access to the Kyoto Botanical Garden's is pretty easy, there's an exit from the Kitayama subway station (on the Karasuma Line) right in front of the gates. Definitely a very spacious place to escape the crowds an get some fresh air. I recommend bringing bento to eat for a picnic lunch, as the restaurant in the gardens is over priced. Also there are not too many eating options in the area near the gardens.
This photo was taken with a Nikon D700 camera and an AF Nikkor 35f/2D lens with a circular polarising filter.