Kyoto - jamri


Kurama-dera (Kurama Temple) is located on Kurama-yama (Mount Kurama) to the north of Kyoto city. It is possible to get a cable car from near the base of this mountain up to near the temple, but when I went there I walked up the stairs. There was plenty to see along the way. Actually it's best to Hike from Kurama Station to Kibune Station as there are a number of things to see along the route.
The Lonely Planet's Kyoto Guide (3rd Edition) states about Kurama-dera "This mountain top temple is a perfect escape from the city". However on the day that I took this photo it was very crowded because of the Golden Week holidays, so avoid going there on Golden Week if you can. The same guide also recommends using the cable car (although they call it a "tram") if the weather is hot.
In addition to the buildings, the almost mountaintop location of the temple precinct offers some great views. Even if you get the cable car, it's worth climbing the little bit further up to the top of Mount Kurama for a fantastic view of the surrounding area.
The main way of accessing Kurama-dera is via the Eizan Railway. The nearest station is Kurama. To get to the Eizan Railway catch the Keihan Main Line all the way to it's Kyoto terminus at Demachiyanagi where you can transfer to the Eizan Railway.
This photo was taken with a Nikon D700 camera and an AF Nikkor 35f/2D lens with a circular polarising filter. No post processing has been done on this image.